Electric Sugar x Brunograffer

Electric Sugar x Brunograffer

Launched in December 2020, Electric Sugar's first collection combines minimalism and character. The brand collaborates with artists from all backgrounds in order to have daring and eclectic products.

It's up to artist Brunograffer ( @ brunograffer ), that Electric Sugar has entrusted with the development of 2 models: the Crewneck Always better with sugar and the Take a Break T-shirt .

 Brunograffer - Artist who collaborated with Electric Sugar
Photo credit: Elythra makeup

Who are you Bruno?

I am an illustrator and painter. I come from Haute-Savoie or even in France and studied graphic design until the master's degree and now find myself living in Strasbourg.

What do you do for a living?

Since 2016 I have been active on social networks sharing my various creations and artistic experiences on YouTube and Instagram, it was in 2020 that I was able to go freelance. My career was largely propelled with my entry on Tiktok in June 2019.

Today I have the chance to realize my dreams through my work, c 'that is to say, to make a living from my art and to rub shoulders with other content creators that I am passionate about and that I have been working with since small.

 Brunograffer and his Sponge Bob - Electric Sugar

Can you describe your artistic universe to us?

My artwork is very colorful, explosive and happy. I love everything that he represents who I am: a guy with a smile on his face, a joker and a bon vivant. I take a lot of inspiration from networks for my creations, references from pop culture and the urban art world like Kaws, Buff Monster, Nychos and Obey. I also take great pleasure in joining the cartoon world like artist James Lewis. But I think I still have a lot to learn and discover because, in my opinion, that's what drives our imaginations.

What models do you have illustrated for Electric Sugar?

I collaborated with Electric for the illustration of two models: the Always Better With Sugar crewneck and the Take a break t-shirt.

Where can we find your work?

You can find me on my main social networks Tiktok , Instagram and even Youtube .


  • AriaNe

    Tellement intéressant ! 👏🏼❤️

  • Nadia

    hey trop canon j’aime tout ce que vous faites bravo l’équipe

  • Joséphine

    salut Denyzee franchement je m’attendais pas à ça du tout c’est génial
    continu je t’adore et je c’est que je ne suis pas la seul tu a cette énergie qui donne donne le smile et quand on clique sur une de tes vidéo on c’est directement qu’on va rigolé et passer un bon moment
    gros bisous a guillaume et toi

  • Fanny_chn

    Coucou Denyzee,
    J’adore ta collection, les couleurs et les détails de tes produits sont magnifiques! J’aime énormément vidéos, qui me réjouissent et me font rires à chaque fois :) Continue comme ça je t’adore ! gros bisous, Fanny

  • Salomé huiban

    Yo Denyzee ! Je te suis depuis hyper longtemps (le podcast sur les pires prenoms) et de voir sue tu as évolué comme ça c’est ouf ! Ta marque de vêtements est incroyable et j’ai hate de voir son évolution

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